The Great House

Nestled within the enchanting surroundings of historic Lavenham in Suffolk, The Great House Hotel and Restaurant offers an unbeatable blend of superb locally sourced cuisine and luxurious, characterful accommodation. Set against the backdrop of Lavenham’s 15th century charm, our establishment provides a magical experience in this picturesque Suffolk village.

The bistro style restaurant and bar will surround you with Suffolk country side vibes and colours. The blend of history and contemporary will give you a hint of what to expect from your food and drinks – superb British country side food infused with French and Mediterreanean cuisines, paired with a sophisticated wine and cocktail menu.

Located in the medieval Market Square of Lavenham, the Great House works with local businesses in Lavenham and across Suffolk, placing a great value of supporting its local community. We are thrilled to become a part of this community as we welcome our guests, aspiring to further the legacy of this magnificent place in our own unique style.