Welcome to

The Great House

The Great House Lavenham welcomes you with the warmth of history, centuries old Grade II listed building in the picturesque village of Lavenham.

The bistro style restaurant and bar will surround you with Suffolk country side vibes and colours. The blend of history and contemporary will give you a hint of what to expect from your food and drinks – superb British country side food infused with French and Mediterreanean cuisines, paired with a sophisticated wine and cocktail menu.

Located in the medieval Market Place of Lavenham, the Great House works with local businesses in Lavenham and across Suffolk, placing a great value of supporting its local community. We are thrilled to become a part of this community as we welcome our guests, aspiring to further the legacy of this magnificent place in our own unique style.

Dine at The Great House

The Great House serves brunch in the day time with a variety of delightful offerings, and in the evening, you are invited to explore our dinner menu that changes seasonally. Whichever you join us for, we promise an exciting and friendly drinking and dining experience.

Stay at The Great House

With five uniquely characteristic rooms, The Great House welcomes you to stay in Lavenham, one of the best preserved Medieval villages in England. As Lavenham offers you the best of history, community and nature, each of our rooms is designed to match and extend your experience of the village. You will find the ultimate blend of tradition and luxury, quirk and taste, grand and intimate.

To make your experience one to remember we offer a very exclusive customer pick up & drop off service with our very own The Great House Rolls Royce 1981 Silver Spirit. This is a pre-booked and pre-paid only service that will ensure you truly enjoy your stay in Lavenham. Please find details here.